Peter De Graef is going to write a play. A play that will be hilarious and haunting.

ZUSJE! will be about loss. And about the awkwardness of existence. About how difficult it can be, life. And about how hard you sometimes have to laugh when you suddenly see that it's basically all about nothing. That you only have to breathe to be happy, eat a sandwich on time and stupidly complete all your plans and ambitions with the carelessness with which a ticket cutter completes his train.

So this is what you should expect. Or not exactly. Because Peter De Graef and Mieke Laureys, new artistic director of musical theatre Johnny MUS (formerly De kolonie), have never made anything together before, but they have known each other for a long time.

And then they talk about it. About "loss" in life. And about how others react to it. Or not at all.

Stan Nieuwenhuis, promising composer and musician, also enjoys being there.

As an all-round musician, he masters the cornet, flugelhorn, trumpet, keys, melodica, piano, guitar and bass guitar.

Stan observes the world we live in and that inspires him to develop his own musical language.

His interests range from pop to brass band, from classical to electronic music. A breath of fresh air that challenges and lifts De Graef's his lines.

Musical theatre to realise in times of crisis what life is really about.

Peter De Graef
Mieke Laureys en Peter De Graef
Composition and live-music
Stan Nieuwenhuis
Janne Desmet
Co- production
Johnny MUS with Het Laatste Bedrijf

This production comes about with support from the Flemish government, with residency support from c o r s o, with support from the federal government's Tax shelter scheme, and the support of Gallop Tax Shelter.



08/02/2024       vzw Lokaal Cultuurbeleid Berchem/Schouwburg C o r s o / Schouwburg     Berchem
10/02/2024 CC Sint-Niklaas / Stadsschouwburg Sint-Niklaas
21/02/2024 Cultuurcentrum Mol / Schouwburg Rex Mol
22/02/2024 CC De Ploter Ternat
23/02/2024 CC De Warandepoort Tervuren
24/02/2024 CC Het Gasthuis Aarschot
29/02/2024 CC De Borre Bierbeek
08/03/2024 Vrijetijdscentrum De Meermin Waasmunster
21/03/2024 GC ‘t Blikveld Bonheiden
09/01/2025 vzw Lokaal Cultuurbeleid Berchem/Schouwburg C o r s o / Schouwburg Berchem