About us

As a production house, Het Laatste Bedrijf focuses specifically on the performing arts. We create original work and co-produce with many renowned companies at home and abroad.

Het Laatste Bedrijf is part of the production house group De Mensen and therefore we have unique experience in both Tax Shelter funding and producing live entertainment. You will see our shows in the major cultural center circuit, in the socio-cultural sector and on international tours.

Ons Team

Maurits ceo
Karen executive producer
Dylan accountant
Nadia hr-officer
Stephanie accountant
Raf creative director
Mike chief accountant
Guy cfo

Tax Shelter

an efficient and transparent government approved tax incentive…

  • open to qualifying international co-productions with Belgium
  • Belgian investors get a tax exemption, they do not take recoupment position
  • win-win for investors, producers and government
  • can easily be combined with other financing mechanisms such as cultural grants


Criteria for funding:

  • artists and crew come from one of the EU Member States
  • production has to be accomplished by (a) producer(s) located in Europe
  • production has to be carried out under the supervision and control of European producers (i.e. Het Laatste Bedrijf)
  • the contribution of coproducers is decisive and coproduction is not controlled by a producer established outside those EU Member States



How does it work?

For every qualified Euro spent in Belgium, Tax Shelter can finance 42% NET. Het Laatste Bedrijf has its own reliable tax shelter team, Gallop Tax Shelter. Gallop Tax Shelter handles the contact with the investors and the practical follow up, in close interaction with Het Laatste Bedrijf. Gallop Tax Shelter has a cooperation agreement with KBC Flanders and KBC Brussels.

Our team is more than happy to guide you through all the steps of budgetting, financing rehearsing and playing in Belgium by providing more details and adapted, competitive simulations based on your project.

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Contact details

Wezembeekstraat 3
1930 Zaventem, België


tel: +32 2 709 70 00
fax: +32 2 709 07 51
BTW-nr: BE 0656612103