Two top Flemish ensembles and two top soloists from the contemporary music scene perform the two most spectacular concertos for ensemble and violin and piano respectively of recent decades. With the title 'Graal théâtre', Kaija Saariaho (1952-2023) refers in her concerto undisguised to the legend of King Arthur, Merlin and the knights of the Round Table. Metaphorically, too, she was inspired by the quest for the Holy Grail. Jacques Roubaud's book of the same name prompted her to do something that had long seemed impossible to her: write a violin concerto, a genre that "already counts so many moving and beautiful masterpieces". With her tender language, she does full justice to both motifs. In 'Corps', concerto for piano and ensemble by, Raphaël Cendo (°1975), there is exuberant experimentation with gestures and clenched sound clusters that collide, burst apart and explode into space: Cendo seeks a saturation of musical form in his score in which the piano presides over a wild dance. The virtuosity that Cendo demands of the instrumental ensemble - in which each player has to perform a spectacular solo part on his own - competes with the waterfall of sound produced by the solo piano

Music realisation
HERMESensemble & I SOLISTI Stijn Saveniers & Koen Kessels – dirigenten Wibert Aerts – viool solo Wilhem Latchoumia – piano solo
HERMESensemble, I SOLISTI en De Bijloke 2024
Het Laatste Bedrijf with the support of Gallop Tax Shelter


29/03/2024 – 20:00 – Bijloke, Gent