I, Israels

Playwright Marit Stocker describes the life of her Jewish grandparent, the Israels family, including painters Josef and Isaac Israels. Her great-grandmother, Henriette Israels fled to Switzerland during World War II and founded a new family there. Upon returning to Amsterdam, her entire family had been deported to various concentration camps with no chance of survival. The guilt this woman carried with her still weighs on generations later. In "Ik, Israels," Marit Stocker looks this trauma straight in the eye and uses her family history to write a story in which discrimination, racism and racial hatred - more than terms - are heartbreaking and mark people for the rest of their lives.
directed by
Marit Stocker
Sofie Decleir & De Hartenspelers
Kris Auwers
Het Gevolg in coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf

This performance came about with the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government and Gallop Tax Shelter.


  • Sofie Decleir
  • Marit Stocker


Première 18.01.2024