Weg van India

In ‘Weg van India’ Visjal Auwerx and Joke Emmers take you on a musical narrative. He was born in India, she in Belgium. He loves her, she loves him. They plan to set off together to that wondrous land, will it affect who they are? Does your surroundings or a major event help determine your identity?

Word and music embrace each other on this musical journey, bringing to life stories, both from India and their own concoctions. Be moved, laugh and go on a journey through the buzzing streets of India with the cast. Maybe you will meet yourself there too.

Forget the Taj Mahal or Bollywood, where the Lonely planet stops, they continue. Float along to the magical sounds of the sitar in an intimate setting and immerse yourself in Indian culture. Who knows, by the end you too might just love India.

Concept & Play
Visjal Auwerx en Joke Emmers
Joke Emmers accompanied by Jibbe Willems
Visjal Auwerx under coaching by Mirko Banovic
Lighting Design
Bart Van Den Heuvel
Music design and engineering
Michaël Boonen
Costume Design
Fran Labarque
Visual coach
Samuel Valor Reyes
Visjal Auwerx en Stephanie Roels
B12 vzw, co-productie: Het Laatste Bedrijf / Gallop
With support from
The Flemish Government
With support from
Arenbergschouwburg, C-Mine Genk, cc Palethe, Bloc 2030, Belgium's Tax Shelter measure for the performing arts


  • Joke Emmers
  • Visjal Auwerx


02/03/24       Arscène, Hansbeke – Try-out 

07/03/24       Theater Vooruit, Boechout – Try-out 

08/03/24       Bicc, Peer – Try-out 

09/03/24       Cultuurkapel De Schaduw, Ardooie – Try-out 

13/03/24       De Mena, Rotselaar – Try-out 

14/03/24       Cultuurhuis Altena, Kontich – Try-out 

16/03/24      Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerpen –  PREMIERE 

17/03/24      Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerpen 

22/03/24      Bloc2030, Luchtbal

23/03/24      Cultuurcentrum Mol

29/03/24      Westrand, Dilbeek 

07/04/24       cc Ter Vesten, Beveren 

12/04/24       cc De Kimpel, Bilzen

13/04/24       TR25 Schouwburg Rotterdam

19/04/24       De zaat, Temse

20/04/24       Vredeberg, Lier

26/04/24       Compagnie Cecila, Gent

27/04/24       Compagnie Cecilia, Gent (Succesoptie)

30/04/24       Den Haag

 03/05/24       252cc, Ekeren 

16/05/24      oc Nova, Kiel

30/05/24       cc Palethe, Pelt

06/06/24          cc De Kern, Wilrijk 

08/06/24          C-Mine, Genk 

09/06/24          C-Mine, Genk (succesoptie)

13/06/24          cc Muze, Heusden-Zolder