We’re Going Door!

The audience follows an amateur company at their dress rehearsal. They get a hard time, because one thing is crystal clear: the company is not ready. Not ready with their characters, not ready with their text. And certainly not ready for their premiere. In Part 2, the set turns 180 degrees and the confusion behind the scenes continues. And just when one thinks it can't get any worse, Part 3 drives everything deliciously up another notch. "We're Going Door!" Is a meticulously timed absurdist comedy full of confusion, acting fun and misunderstandings, where by the end of the evening the characters and the audience are belly aching from stress and laughter, respectively. Everything on stage is in tatters, but your evening cannot be ruined!
Nyira Hens & Bruno Vanden Broecke
Soukaïna Bennani, Gloria Boateng, An Clauwaert, Muhammad Hamid Khan, Jonathan Lambrechts, Saar-Niragire De Groof, Katy Jimenez, Elena Peeters, Timo Sterckx
Trappelend Talent & De Speelman in coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
vzw Lokaal Cultuurbeleid District Antwerpen, De Grote Post en SKaGeN Met steun van Kunstenlab Antwerpen, C O R S O, District Antwerpen en Stad Antwerpen

This performance came about with the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government and Gallop Tax Shelter.


Première: 14.09.2023 – c o r s o, berchem