Up route noa ’t vrèmde. Om te klawier’n en labeur’n.
Nuus enigste doel; è beter'n thuus. Doa, woa damme zelve nooit zyn.
Bitroap’n of briek’n. Dat è makt gin verschil ennè.

Work migration is of all ages.
Where we used to leave, they now leave to find us.
SUKR is a bittersweet trip about the search for better, more freedom and always more and more.
About the line between sense and madness, in a past and the present.
About drawing boundaries and crossing borders.

A supra-local performance about a global phenomenon,
based on interviews in the familiar format of The Lonely West;
the use of languages and dialects to reinforce the content
and humor as an ointment for a harsh reality...

directed by
Tom Dupont
Isabelle Van Hecke, Darya Gantura, Tom Ternest, Brajan Bartikowski and local players
Het Eenzame Westen in coproduction with CO7, the cities of Ypres and Poperinge, Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Cronos Invest


  • Darya Gantura
  • Tom Ternest
  • Isabelle Van Hecke
  • Brajan Bartikowski


17.03.2022 – 20:15 – voormalige Aveve Boezinge (première)

18.03.2022 – 20:15 – voormalige Aveve Boezinge  

19.03.2022 – 20:15 – voormalige Aveve Boezinge  

20.03.2022 – 20:15 – voormalige Aveve Boezinge

23.03.2022 – 20:15 – voormalige Aveve Boezinge

24.03.2022 – 20:15 – voormalige Aveve Boezinge  

25.03.2022 – 20:15 – voormalige Aveve Boezinge  

26.03.2022 – 20:15 – voormalige Aveve Boezinge