JORDY is a very ordinary, very talented, intelligent young man. Yet different from most. Jordy is an institutional child. The judge found that his parents could not take care of him: from institution, to foster home, to institution so...

Jordy flees his life "there," literally puts himself on the edge, where he apparently belongs, and looks at the world we live in from there. Hoping to understand how things work.

Jordy's view of the world is disturbed by Sophie-Charlotte, a runaway teenager of wealthy background who could no longer stand it at home.

Where Jordy has nothing, Sophie-Charlotte has too much of everything: two mothers and fathers, two houses, even two names.

With JORDY, The Mannschaft examines the social inequality in this world. Not everyone leaves equal at the line. Do children inherit their parents' opportunities?

concept, text and directing
Stijn Van de Wiel en Michai Geyzen
Lien Thys en Robbert Vervloet
Gode Kempen
Bram Verschueren
Decor and costume
Saskia Louwaard en Katrijn Baeten
Rens Planckaert
Het Laatste Bedrijf
Thanks to
Laika, Matterhorn, Stad Turnhout, De Warande

This production came about with the support of the Belgian Federal Government's Tax Shelter measure


  • Lien Thys
  • Robbert Vervloet