9.6 (a defense)

9.6 billion dollars. That's the loss the Ever Given made every day the ship blocked the Suez Canal.
9.6 billion dollars is also the fine that oil company Chevron had to pay, after years of polluting the Amazon in Ecuador.
9.6 billion, that's how much the long-awaited successor to the Hubble Space Telescope will cost.
9.6 billion. That's how many people we'll be on this planet by 2050.

At a time when oil companies are spending more on lawyers to silence citizens, than on their environmental fines. At a time when farmers who defend their land defend their land against multinationals, are themselves being sued.
At a time when citizens who take action, are condemned, while perpetrators buy off their guilt. In these times a woman speaks out. She takes the stage. Lets her voice be heard.

Sara Vertongen and Stijn Devillé worked together for the first time the performance Kaspar in 2002-2003. Since then they have worked together for twenty years on a series of award-winning performances, including Hitler is Dead, Greed, Fear & Hope, Groupe Diane, Gesprek met de Regen and Geel Hesje.
9.6 (a defense) marks the twentieth anniversary of their artistic collaboration and at the same time heralds a new phase for the company. in.

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written & directed by
Stijn Devillé
Sara Vertongen
Els Theunis
Bert Hornikx
Bart Van Merode
Het Nieuwstedelijk in coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter


  • Sara Vertongen


13.12.2022 – 20u00 – OPEK, Leuven (première)

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