ACHTER / AF is the end of a season with reprises and looking back on the 30th anniversary of the KOE. The makers do not only look back on themselves, but also on looking back themselves.

ACHTER / AF is the show after the show. A piece about relief and satisfied fatigue, but also about self-hatred and missed opportunities. A piece about nightly journeys back home, flung back and forth between "what am I doing this for?" And "that's what I do it for". A piece between drunken exuberance and ashamed silence.  Can we look back already? Or is it too early?

Can we already reconcile ourselves to ourselves? And is it actually such a good idea to look back? Is that possible: look back and move on at the same time? Would we rather have a fantasy about what will come than a reminder of what it was like?

AFTER / AF is a full, fun evening. Exuberant and intimate as a night club just before closing time, with invited and uninvited guests, desired and unwanted intimacies, a book presentation at the start and crocodile tears at the end. An evening full of memories and rehearsals, full of confessions and conferences, full of old loves, songs, plans and very old. With through it the increasingly cumbersome story of what we actually meant all those years.

ACHTER / AF is a permanent allowance.

In ACHTER/AF we just give in.

Natali Broods, Peter Van den Eede en Willem de Wolf
Natali Broods, Peter Van den Eede en Willem de Wolf
Decor, Light and sound
Bram De Vreese en Shane Van Laer
Ramses Van den Eede
Het Laatste Bedrijf / Compagnie de KOE
With the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
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