Ten-year-old Boy is sitting in class when the police suddenly come for him. He doesn't know why. All he knows is that he is no longer allowed to go home because he lives in a "troubled situation". This kicks off an avalanche of legal, medical and emotional arguments, each of which has its impact on the boy. In a brooding montage, the viewer witnesses a series of major and minor events that will determine Boy's fate.

Boy's case is fictional as a whole but based on a hundred truths. Theater maker Kyoko Scholiers immersed herself for months in the world of Youth Assistance: she interviewed Juvenile Judges, counselors, foster families, child psychiatrists, educators, adults looking back on their assistance trajectory, children residing in a facility and their parents. She attended court cases, visited dozens of facilities, and volunteered at a community group for placed children.

What does it do to someone to grow up without the foundation of a safe nest? Where is the line of loyalty to parents? And can you escape from your own background? Kyoko Scholiers depicts a burning current reality in a quirky music theatre performance with a cast of steel. Joris Blanckaert composes a special soundscape that is performed live by the children's choir of Opera Ballet Flanders and the HERMES ensemble.

written & directed by
Kyoko Scholiers
Joris Blanckaert
Tiny Bertels, Sofie Decleir, Laurence Roothooft, Victor Saveniers, Greg Timmermans, Joris Van den Brande, Finn Van Hove
Children's Choir Opera Ballet Vlaanderen d.b. Hendrik Derolez & HERMESensemble: Karin de Fleyt, Peter Merckx, Gaetan La Mela & Stijn Saveniers
set design
Amber Vandenhoeck
costume design
Marie Dries
Kyoko Scholiers in coproduction with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, HERMESensemble, De Grote Post & Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter


  • Greg Timmermans
  • Laurence Roothooft
  • Sofie Decleir
  • Tiny Bertels
  • Joris Van den Brande


09.09.2021 – Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Antwerpen (Première)

10.09.2021 – Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Antwerpen

11.09.2021 – Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Antwerpen

23.09.2021 – CC MUZE, Heusden-Zolder

24.09.2021 – De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

25.09.2021 – De Velinx, Tongeren

29.09.2021 – Het Gasthuis, Aarschot

30.09.2021 – De Warande, Turnhout

01.10.2021 – De Grote Post, Oostende

02.10.2021 – Kaaitheater, Brussel

06.10.2021 – cc Sint-Niklaas

07.10.2021 – 30CC Schouwburg, Leuven

08.10.2021 – Vooruit, Gent

09.10.2021 – Vooruit, Gent

14.10.2021 – ‘t Schaliken, Herentals

15.10.2021 – kc Nona, Mechelen

16.10.2021 – Het Perron, Ieper

20.10.2021 – cc Strombeek

22.10.2021 – cc Scharpoord, Knokke Heist

14.11.2021 – NEXT Arts Festival, Kortrijk

03.02.2022 – ccBe, Berchem

05.02.2022 – cc Brugge (Koninklijke Stadsschouwburg)

09.02.2022 – cc De Mol, Lier

10.02.2022 – cc De Kaekelaar, Schoten

12.02.2022 – Leietheater, Deinze

23.05.2022 – O. Festival, Rotterdam (NL)

27.07.2022 – Theater aan Zee, Oostende

28.07.2022 – Theater aan Zee, Oostende

29.07.2022 – Theater aan Zee, Oostende

12.09.2022 – c o r s o, Berchem

17.09.2022 – cc Zwaneberg, Heist-Op-Den-Berg