A "cantina" in Spain is a place close to the station, where you quickly eat, drink, comment on the news and scold your boss. A place of coming and going. To linger too long if you are too thirsty. In Italy, a "cantina" is a cold cellar where you let wine mature. A pantry full of tinned pickles, preserved tomatoes, candied lemon. With us, canteen evokes the image of a cold room with long tables where too many people eat together. In Mexico it is a room with a special atmosphere. Plastic chairs, colorful walls, faded umbrellas. Where you get drunk and have solid conversations and end up in a fight if necessary.

CANTINA from Laika is all that together. A place where you put your secrets on the table. Cherish your future. Join the table and be overwhelmed.

As in all the creations of Laika - maybe you remember Opera Buffa, Aromagic, pentamerone - the spectators will be re-immersed in an experience. They share a meal with each other where the ingredients have a surprising taste and are completely different than they seem at first sight.

Laika strokes down with CANTINA in the city and opens a cantina in a tent. Rows of people are standing in the line. You go inside and you end up in a fascinating theatrical world of people who are dreaming, swearing, laughing and eating together.
CANTINA is more than a show. It is an experience that makes you dream about fighting together - and if it has to - going down, about life as a joint ideal, about a search for tangent lines between people, about what you want to save for later; something that you, like a can of food, only can open once to relive.

Michiel Soete
Abigail Abraham, Peter De Bie, Marjan De Schutter, Leentje Kerremans, Alain Rinckhout, Jo Roets, Michiel Soete, Mieke Versyp, and 6 local players on each playground.
Het Laatste Bedrijf / Laika
In cooperation with
Stad Antwerpen, Lavrar o Mar, Festival International de Artes Performativas, Aljezur e Monchique
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
april 13, 2018
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