Conversation With The Rain

A man and a woman lose their daughter. The following day, the woman receives an offer to work in Singapore as a nanotechnology researcher. They decide to choose life. They leave everything behind and move to Asia. During walks through the monsoon rains, the man believes he notices his daughter. Being able to speak with her, he sees her words in the raindrops. It gives him strength. He takes his wife from the lab into the monsoon.

After acclaimed political pieces such as Hitler's Death, the trilogy Greed, Fear, Hope and recently Groupe Diane, Stijn Devillé tackles a very personal story for the first time. Based on the emotions and thoughts after a near-death experience with his child.

In 'Conversation With The Rain' a man is, literally, in conversation with the monsoon. It's really raining text and figures on stage. In order to archieve this, they build in cooperation with the E-Media research Lab of KU LEUVEN a rainprinter. This cross between a classical printer and the technology of a printer is digital controlled and responds in a fraction of a second to play. This project wons the 'Leuven Mindgate Crossover Contest'.

Stijn Devillé
Tom Van Bauwel & Sara Vertongen
Gerrit Valckenaers en Geert Waegeman
Els Theunis
Technical Coordination
Kishan Singh
Ellen Haesevoets, Thomas Verachtert en Miek Scheers
Het Laatste Bedrijf / Het Nieuwstedelijk
In collaboration with
With the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
May 30, 2018