De knikkers van Qadir

Playing marbles is a national sport in Afghanistan. Eight marbles are the only toys Qadir has ever seen. Ther are ultimately the only thing he can put in the 'worthless items' locker when he arrives in a Belgian refugee camp after a long journey. In the course of the story, they get a different, succesful meaning over and over again. The above can be read in the forthcomig book of Leo Bormans and Qader Nabery, an Afghan refugee, who meet and drink coffee together. Bormans remotely follows the battle of the procedure that takes place there for four years and when the family finally gets recognition, he feels the deeply emotional story that lies beneath the facts.

Who actually is this refugee.?
What exactly did his life look like?
Why did he leave his country?
How does he feel about that?

In an intensive and emotional writing process, writer and refugee find each other. "As if two lightnings hit each other," Qadir says. An Afghan proverb says that a diamond is being created that moment. And that is what it has become: a rough diamond, a life story that leaves no one untouched.

Stefan Perceval
Qadir Nabery
Leo Bormans and Qadir Nabery
Het Gevolg in coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support
Gallop Tax Shelter
27 January 2021 (livestream)