A meeting in a hospital. She, a surgeon, is trying to maintin herself. He, with crutches, waiting for news.

Hospitals go to great lengths to save lives day and night. But to survive themselves, they transform into care factories.

In overbooked operating theaters, surgeons collapse under work pressure and their own failures. A system meets its limits. After Vuur, Christophe Aussems is making a new interview project. He spoke to doctors and victims about the medical error that changed their lives forever. Hybris is ancient Greek for recklessness.

After Fire, it again becomes an interview project that wants to remove a controversial topic from the taboo sphere.

Hybris certainly also views that overconfidence as the overconfidence of our society, which is increasingly flirting with the limits of healthcare. One of the first facts from the biography of theater maker Christophe Aussems is also closely related to this theme. After his birth, his mother spent several months between life and death. Due to a medical error, it turned out later. In the end everything went well. Christophe still cherishes the little sheep that he received as a baby at the time. For him it is a kind of talisman.

Christophe Aussems
Inge Paulussen & Tom Ternest
Patricia Vanneste, Ester Coorevits en Bert Hornikx
Els Theunis
Het Laatste Bedrijf in coproduction with Het Nieuwstedelijk
With the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
February 20, 2019
Playing period