The contemplation of inanimate objects moving or being moved in space has been a big inspiration throughout Bahir's artistic career. Times gives a human character to any object in motion. They, as the viewer, start to project intentions and desires to the inanimate through the way there are being moved.

On Ice, she would like to work with ropes and fabrics. The reason why she choses to work with these two materials is that they are performing very well by themselves and in relation. They can create beautiful architectures by simple knots and placements. Another reason is that they are easily transportable and with a simple structure, we can create enormous sculptures in any given space.

On Ice, she would like to study what choreography could emerge from these elements. By 'choreography', she means the composition of the intentions and desires of the inanimate and the performers on stage. The rope and the fabric wouldn't only be the objects to manipulate or the scenography surrounding the performer's body but also the metaphor of his/her subconsious.

Ice is a hybrid form between dance, theater, architecture and visual art, designed for everyone to find their own story and navigate through time, space and themselves. This two-headed solo is a hymn to our human condition by placing the performer alone in a complex world.

concept & choreography
Bahir Temiz
Maak Riebort & Bahir Temiz
Michael De Cock
Meyrem Bayram
Platform 0090 in coproduction with KVS, wpZimmer & Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter


08.10.2020 – 20:00 – KVS, Brussel (première)

09.10.2020 – 20:00 – KVS, Brussel

10.10.2020 – 20:00 – KVS, Brussel