THE YOUNG GIRL OF 70..." SHE GRADUALLY FORGETS WHEN IT IS MONDAY OR TUESDAY. SHE LOOKS THROUGH THE CRACKED GLASS OF THE DRESSER IN HER BEDROOM AND SEES A GIRL OF 17. A GIRL WHO IS IN LOVE AND WANTS TO DANCE THROUGH HER DREAMS. But there are always those voices again. In her head. They are knocking on the door of her heart. They want her dead. She is not afraid. Even though she seems alone, she leads an army. An army of memories, galloping on glass horses in a crystal night. She is ready for the ultimate love she has been waiting for all her life. She is Julia. That's what she thinks, anyway. So they tell her. She is Julia. The young girl of 70...
written, directed & performed by
Julie Vandenhout, Nico Sturm & Iris Bouche
Het Gevolg in coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter


02.03.2023 – 20:15 – Het Gevolg, Turnhout (première)

03.03.2023 – 20:15 – Het Gevolg, Turnhout

04.03.2023 – 20:15 – CC De Kern, Wilrijk

22.03.2023 – 15:00 – CC Brugge

25.03.2023 – 20:15 – Casino Beringen

27.03.2023 – 20:30 – Mark Liebrechtschouwburg, Mortsel