Letters to children, mothers, fathers, judges, loved ones, lovers.
Notes in bottles, letters survival or lore.
Letters that sing about life, letters like a flight from contemporary life, letters that announce the beginning of something new or letters that present death.
Like only a letter can.

Mira Bryssink and Jan Marcoen are surrounded in this project by players from the Hearts Projects of HETGEVOLG. the players are the individuals. In stature, age and orgin as different from each other as the passersby on the street. What they share is a strong disconnection, a letter that has been lost.

HETGEVOLG has a big heart for people who fall outside the regular social circuit: newcomers, young refugees, people in poverty, ...
We like to set up projects with them and in this way give 'the other' a face with a story. A story in which everyone recognizes themselves. Making 'the other' suddenly close. The power of theater ensures that they discover the power within themselves and find courage again to connect with daily life. Mira Bryssinck is surrounded by players from our HEART PROJECTS in this project.

In this performances too, a lot of personal thoughts and experiences of the players have been incorporated. The emotions are universal. The quality isn't always convinced. some are good at uncertainty. Honesty is crucial.

Mira Bryssinck en Jan Marcoen
Jan Marcoen
Dirk Van Bladel, Agnes Beckx, Tom Bernaerts, Ludo Vanlaer, Naqibullah Yacoobi, Rita Scheyltjens
Stefan Perceval
Het Laatste Bedrijf in coproductie with HETGEVOLG
With the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
August 23, 2018
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