In 1809 Goethe wrote his Die Wahlverwandtschaften. Four characters - a couple, their cousin and a friend - he plans down a farm, and observe their reactions. Do they follow their instincts, their passions, the so-called laws of nature? Or are their descions rationally, have they a free will? A kind of nineteenth-century Temptation Island so. The end was then incidentally already catastrophic.

Now, de KOE and theatermaker Lineke Rijxman start a new experiment: togehter they write a new Wahlverwandtsschaft. Again, two women, to men, one estate. But an imcomparable climate. In Goethe's time the nature - and its laws - was a space without people, we were dependenton on her, but she was not dependent on us. Anno 2019 the nature changed so much because of us that she shakes, she trembles, she's touchy and her unpredictability is lost.

How are the couples doing in a time where we can no longer blame nature for everything which we always thougt it was simply our nature: our impulses, our desires? Catastrophinc again? Or more catastrophic?

Lineke Rijxman, Natali Broods, Willem de Wolf and Peter Van den Eede
Natali Broods, Willem de Wolf and Peter Van den Eede
Decor, light and sound
Bram De Vreese en Shane Van Laer
Het Laatste Bedrijf / De KOE / Mugmetdegoudentand
With the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
November 5, 2019
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