Th Lng Gdby

In Th lng gdby Tuur Marinus weaves bodies and sounds together to create a performance that is both a dance piece and a music concert.

Musically, the performance interweaves various fragments of recent dance music (LCD Soundsystem, Sault), music that is in turn characterized by a sophisticated interweaving of sounds. While humming repetitive and hypnotic sound patterns, the nine dancers simultaneously perform equally complex and interwoven movement patterns.

The performance attempts to create new experiences of togetherness by dissolving the figure of the individual dancer in an assemblage of bodies, which cannot be easily recognized as a 'group'.

The dance of this collectivity is perhaps best described in oxymorons: it is elegant and clumsy at the same time; precise and purposeless; lyrical and stuttering; charismatic and expressionless...

Tuur Marinus
Ariadna Estalella
Hernan Mancebo Martinez, Machias Bosschaerts, Flup Marinus, Samuel Baidoo, Julia Godino Llorens, Tuur Marinus, Mery Coopman, Inez Verhille, Margot Masquelier
lighting design
Rik Suijs
Opening Hours in coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter


24.02.2022 – 20u – Magdalenazaal, Brugge (première)

19.03.2022 – 20u – Corso, Antwerpen