The Hope

Inspired by the film American Graffiti, the entire artistic team of Het Nieuwstedelijk gets to work with a mix of (recently graduated) drama students and young occasional actors from Genk in a swinging story about the end of high school. On the last day of the last summer vacation, a group of childhood friends experience a last evening in the small town where they grew up. This is followed by adult life. Some move away to go to college, perhaps never to return. Others start a job, stay on in town and may never get away.

conceived & directed by
Christophe Aussems, Sara Vertongen, Stijn Devillé, Adriaan Van Aken, Els Theunis
written by
Adriaan Van Aken & Stijn Devillé
Els Theunis & Adriaan Van Aken
Georgy Chtchevaev, Stan Martens, Lukas Bulteel, Prince K. Appiah, Anke Somers, Sara Vertongen, Rashif el Kaoui