The mother and the three soldiers

A widow and her daughter have to accommodate three disabled German soldiers on their farm during World War 1.

The mother fears the honor of her daughter and thinks of her two sons who are in daily danger on the IJzer because of these Germans.

A sober, powerful and warm story by Ernest Claes, written in 1939 about a special encounter, about being a mother, about the other. Why it works one time and not the next. And what goes on between people in a person.

After haunting directing such as You are my mother, Peter and the death thread, White is always clean, Stefan Perceval comes again with a story about farewell and discovery, about together and alone.

Stefan Perceval
Mieke De Groote, Arif Tajik, Hassan Tawakoli, Farzad Faizi en Waisuddin Muradi
Jan Strobbe
Marcel Visser
Producer and technic
Kris Auwers
With the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
September 28, 2018