The Towers of Beirut

Nabila was fifteen when she flees to the city from the countryside. Away from the village where her father is a laborer. She chases the dream of a song on the radio. And she wants to go to the sea for the first time. But Beirut isn't what it seems. There is a wall of sound, the air is dirty and she's all alone.

She lives between shoe polishers, chewing gum sellers, street children... until she meets a woman who seems to want to tell her something. There is the jinn who came to live in her nose. There are secret ways that she's gradually getting to know. 

Nabila noted that the city changes: streets, buildings and squares. As if they're moving. As if the pieces of a puzzle are shifted until they fit together in another person. Then there are golden towers that rise out of the blue. Nobody knows how they get there. Nobody knows who will live there. Nobody knows who decides. The city looks like a helpless ship, a growing monster in which Nabila has to stand. Nobody seems to find anyone in the maze that has become the city.

Until something incredible happens. And everything starts again.

The towers of Beirut is a story of invisible powers and small people who have to live with it. It's a story of resistance and a brave quest fot happiness.

Wouter Van Looy
Paul Verrept
Zad Moultaka
Tobias Kokkelmans
play and singing
Aline Goffin, Karin De Fleyt (flute) en Elias Bartholomeus (double bass)
Mieke Vandensande
Het Laatste Bedrijf in coproductie met Muziektheater Transparant, HERMESensemble, Moussem, HETPALEIS and operadays Rotterdam
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
October 5, 2018