The yellow Jackets

On Friday january 11th a trucker passes a blockade of the yellow jackets. The man is tired, he wants to go home. One of the yellow jackets would stop the truck. The movement has to grow. That should they understand? It is for them that we fight! Using a wrench, he smashes the windshield of the truck. The trucker got scared and pulled up. And so he drags the man with the yellow jacket ubder his weels. Anger turns to fear.

After previous acclaimed pieces like 'Fear' and 'Groupe Diane', Stijn Devillé dives into a new and ambiguous phenomenon of resistance and social stuggles: the yellow jackets. He pulls before the teater with his audience to a special location on public property.

Stijn Devillé
research and dramaturgy
Els Theunis
Kris Cuppens, Sara Vertongen, ...
Prica Agnes Nishimwe en Geert Waegeman
Het Nieuwstedelijk in coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
Thursday 11 juni 2020 - Genk