“The greater part of what my neighbors call good I believe in my soul to be bad, and if I repent of anything, it is very likely to be my good behavior. What demon possessed me that I behaved so well?”

-from ‘Walden’, Henry David Thoreau Inspired by Henry David Thoreau's book of the same name, Jonas Vermeulen writes a new text with Walden for a character who recognizes the evils of the world in his neighbors. Both his left and right neighbor are, according to him, the source of the world's downfall. He sees them straining day after day to find solutions to their problems, to make themselves more comfortable or to have fun, but he questions their activity. After years of behaving himself, he spits his bile and wonders what is wiser: to confront or to withdraw? And does the solution to a more harmonious relationship with our environment lie in taking even more action or is there honor in distancing ourselves? Walden is a solo performance played and written by Jonas Vermeulen. A text written in rhyme, a tirade that flirts with the musicality of Slam Poetry. A whimsical monologue that culminates in a visual performance that brings the peace our environment can offer us.
concept, words, play & music
Jonas Vermeulen
Johan Petit
Charlotte Bouckaert
lighting design/technician
Tim Oelbrandt
Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
CC De Spil Roeselare, De Studio, De Grote Post, De Warande

This performance came about with the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government and Gallop Tax Shelter.


04.10.2023 – De Studio, Antwerpen (première)

05.10.2023 – 20:00 – De Studio, Antwerpen

06.10.2023 – CC De Spil, Roeselare

07.10.2023 – CC De Adelberg, Lommel

11.10.2023 – CC Zwaneberg, Heist-Op-Den-Berg

13.10.2023 – CC Lokeren

18.10.2023 – De Warande (Kuub), Turnhout

21.10.2023 – CC Gravenhof, Hoboken

25.10.2023 – CC De Velinx, Tongeren

26.10.2023 – Mark Liebrechtschouwburg, Mortsel

27.10.2023 – CC De Werf, Aalst

06.11.2023 – CC De Bogaard, St. Truiden

09.11.2023 – CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder

10.11.2023 – CC De Plomblom, Ninove

21.11.2023 – CC Hasselt

23.11.2023 – CC Ter Dilft, Bornem

24.11.2023 – CC Gildhof, Tielt

29.11.2023 – CC Mol

30.11.2023 – CC De Mol, Lier