We, the drowned

We, the Drowned, the print section is the overwhelming novel by Danish author Carsten Jensen, about the heyday and decline of his hometown of Marstal, once an important seaport and renowned for its ships and its seafarers.

With this novel as a compass and source of inspiration, we cross time and space. We sail the seven oceans and skippers between myth and reality, between the love for the sea and that for man, between loose sailing ships and sinking warships. We look through the eyes of shipowner Albert Madsen to a world on a collision course and recognize ours in it. We fear Herman, the seagull killer, who is deeper in ourselves than we want to admit. We watch in surprise as the widow Klara Friis takes over in Marstal, while her son, the young captain Friis, goes to war naked.

On board: four Dutch music theater makers with an arsenal of home-made instruments, an Iraqi-Belgian dancer-theater maker, an Albanian opera singer playing the violin, a half-Chinese illustrator with a bass guitar, an aged Flemish actor with sea legs and two young dogs with a great appetite, a stage designer with a trumpet, a composer with a firm angle and an eight-member local choir. We, the drowned, are raw, poetic and animated music theater for which WALPURGIS, BOT and Kloppend Hert join forces.

WALPURGIS is a generous and adventurous company with roots in the opera. It brings captivating music theater close to the people, in the company of actors, singers and musicians of various backgrounds

Artistic direction
Judith Vindevogel
Sam Bogaerts, Saïd Boumazoughe, Stef Depover, Pieter de Praetere, Pieter-Jan De Wyngaert, Doan Hendriks, Geert Jonkers, Ana Naqe, Tomas Postema, Peter Spaepen, Matthias Van de Brul, Job Van Gorkum and Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Stef Depover & Doan Hendriks
Doan Hendriks & Geert Jonkers
BOT & Peter Spaepen
Haider Al Timimi
Kleo Van Ostade & Orlando Verde
Stef van Alsenoy
Bert Vermeulen
BOT, Kloppend Hert, Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter, de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Metropolis - Københavns Internationale Teater, BaggårdTeatret, Marstal Søfartsmuseum, Fonds Podiumkunsten, deAuteurs
June 14, 2019