We Think the World

We Think the World is a musical theater performance in which a correspondence grows into a theatrical guide to life. Many young people do not find their place. One encounter can change a life, but encounters are scarce or often full of noise. Poet Amina Belôrf and theater maker Mieke Laureys hardly know each other. They enter into an alliance and write each other letters. They want to understand each other. On paper. Letters, words and sentences challenge them to get to know themselves and the other better, each from their own background and personality. In this way they enter into an encounter with what is far and near, familiar and unfamiliar. Will they get to know themselves better? Is the other who they think she is? Can they expose themselves on paper without hesitation, openly and without restrictions? Can you get to know the world better by getting to know the other person? Dancer Romeo Lothy brings a wild, masculine energy to the whole. He allows himself to be fed in his movement language by the content of the letters and connects music with text in his dance. We think the world is a musical theater performance in which a correspondence develops into a theatrical guide to life. The musicians of I SOLISTI commission composer Mathias Coppens to write a new composition that also inspires and triggers young people. The music provides a counterbalance to the energetic flow of words on stage, which sometimes quietly ripples and then erupts into a spoken word volcano. Amina Belôrf attracted attention with her book of poetry Zonder het licht te breken in which she departs from the migration story of her father. To her, language is like food and drink: essential to life. Mieke Laureys believes in the hope and comfort of contemporary stories. Dancer Romeo Lothy has his roots in urban dance, with a great fondness for breakdance. Through theater he came into contact with contemporary dance, so his current dance style is eclectic and unpredictable. Mathias Coppens contributes to 'We think the world' not with words but with musical notes.
written & played by
Amina Belôrf & Mieke Laureys
Mathias Coppens
Romeo Lothy
Ruud Gielens
Muziektheater De Kolonie in coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter


  • Mieke Laureys
  • Amina Belôrf
  • Romeo Lothy


16.02.2023 – 20:00 – c o r s o, Berchem (première)

17.02.2023 – 14:00 – c o r s o, Berchem (schoolvoorstelling)

17.02.2023 – 20:00 – c o r s o, Berchem

09.03.2023 – 14:00 – CC Ter Vesten, Beveren (schoolvoorstelling)

16.03.2023 – 20:00 – OC Nova, Antwerpen

30.04.2023 – 14:00 – CC De Warande, Turnhout schoolvoorstelling)