The Last Butterfly

In the 16th century, thousands of Flemish Protestants from Antwerp fled to the Nederlands. The integration was not without a struggle. 
In the 19th century there was an economic flow of refugees from Belgium to France. They were accused of not speaking the language.
And during the Great War, Dutch refugee camps welcomed a million Belgians. They were accused of threatening their jobs.

Fleeing is timeless.
We flee from bailiffs.
We run from the necessity.
We flee from our parents, our everydayness, our wrinkles.

We are figuartively emigrating to Tomorrowland, The Efteling, Robinson Island.

We see others fleeing.
We find them with too many.
We don't want to see humans.

The Last Butterfly pays trbute.
An ode to everyone wha has fled for anything.

HETGEVOLG is a socio-artistic theater workplace in turnhout with an extra large heart for people who are threatened by the meshes of the social safety net. Think of people with a dissability, underage refugees, people in poverty, people with an addiction, foreign-speaking newcomers, ...

Stefan Perceval
Marit Stocker and the Heart Players
Het Gevolg in coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf
with the support of
Gallop Tax Shelter
14th of May 2021